Hi my name is Pam Malhi, I have 3 children, the eldest Aaisha has autism. This is our journey of living with autism, the good days & the bad days.

Aaisha is 18 years old. She is severely autistic with a learning disability, she also has severe global development delay.. She is a amazing, gifted and a very special child. This is her story of progress & success.. Her highs & lows.. Her special journey through life, her milestones against all the odds. This is my daughter the unconditional love of my life, She’s also a big sister to 2 siblings.. This is her life through our eyes.

Having autism isn’t the end of the world, it can be a scary world and at times a lonely one, but we’ve learned so much on our journey as a family. We have a bond of unconditional love and autism no matter how difficult it gets is embraced and loved beyond all bounds in our house.

Autism is something that has little awareness in the asian community, this is something I wish to change, by raising awareness and acceptance of autism, within the asian community.

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  1. Dear pam,

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for writing a blog.

    I work in a mainstream primary school as a Sen TA.

    I totally agree, awareness and education of austim and many other learning disabilities in our community needs to be addressed. The stigma and lack of understanding makes it harder to reach out to families with children showing signs of a disability or disorder, for them to be diagnosed, to set up educational plans, medication etc.

    You are inspiring.
    Sending you and your children my best wishes

    sarb shoker


    • Dear Sarb
      Thank you for taking time to read my blog. I shall do my best to make a difference, to raise awareness & acceptance. Were all in this together. Together we can & will make a difference.
      Much love
      Pam Malhi

  2. Pam please contact me I am from the gujrati community. I have an autistic son and want to join you in raising awareness of autism in the Hindu community….I really want to back your campaign!

  3. Hi I wouldn’t mind helping in translation , I speak punjabi very well , if I can be a help I would like to help … My name is lucky and I work for a bank , I always look after all my punjabi customers who struggle to speak ur deal with banking etc , what ur doing is great , if I can help I would love too .

  4. Hi Pam, so glad that you are doing something to change peoples attitudes towards autism.You and the kids look great.

  5. Dear Pam

    This is an excellent blog page.

    My name is Paul Isaacs I am on the autism spectrum – I work for a company called My World with have a young lady on the autism spectrum who would benefit very much from any contacts you may have, not just for her but her family also.

    Keep up the good work.

    Kindest regards


  6. Hi Pam
    So happy to hear of such a blog. I’m the mother (single now) of 3. My eldest son is 27 years, autistic and a joy
    We’re also Asian and your story is heart warming and very much needed.

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