A New Month 

So April has come to an end just like every month eventually does, but oh what a special month it was. As many of you know April was Autism Awareness Month. For families living with autism however,  it simply doesn’t end in April. We live with this each & every day of our live’s. We don’t take anything for granted as we never know what the new day with bring. Living with autism is a life changing journey and no two days are ever the same. We simply just don’t what each day holds for us but what we do know is that this is forever our world. We have no cure but we do have hope, faith & love and that alone carries most of us through each day. 

No one can tell you exactly what this journey is, simply because no one truly knows. Everyone’s journey with autism is different. No one on this journey has it easier than anyone else. We all deal with emotions. We all think about things that no parent should have to.We are all just doing the best we can. You see the smile but look deep in to our eyes and you will see our pain. 

It’s vital that we are all fully aware of autism. It’s important to us and our children that you understand not only our journey but our children. Just because April has ended don’t forgot about those that are living with this each day. Please continue to support and learn about autism. Together we can make such a difference. I personally would like to thank each and everyone who has supported autism awareness. We are truly grateful to you all! X 

Pam Malhi 



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