Our Sister

Autism.. It matters to us it’s matters that no one treats her any different, it’s important you understand autism. She may be our big sister but actually we’re her older siblings we will look after her, we want her to be happy, to be given every chance to do everything she wants like everybody else! She may never do the things in the way we do them but she has her own unique way and we wouldn’t ever change that.

We don’t want you to stare at her, she has no control over her movements or the sounds she makes, You see when you do stare she smiles back at you because she doesn’t understand hate she only knows love. She’s flaps when she happy she cries when she sad she feel the emotions like we do but just can’t express them like we do. We live with autism and some days it’s hard and some days it’s easy. We’ve never had a proper conversation with her, never shared a secret, never had a pact that we won’t tell mum that secret, we’ve never experienced getting told off by our big sister, we’ve never argued, we haven’t done much as her younger siblings simple because we have to be the older one’s but we love her so very much and wouldn’t change her, Because we live with autism we are better people because that’s what she’s taught us, to have compassion, to have humanity, to have patience and above all to have acceptance of everyone.

To her the little things matter to us seeing her smile matters we hope you too will learn how important autism is to the families who live with it. We hope everyone one day soon we will have autism acceptance & awareness. Our sister is a very special, she’s a gift and we love her very much and autism won’t ever take away our unconditional love that we has siblings share. We will always protect her and guide her. We just want other siblings like us to not have fight for awareness & acceptance. We alone can’t change this but with your help, together we can.

Aneesa & Cameron Malhi



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