Unique Home

I first became aware of Unique Home in 2011 as a charity for abandoned girls in India. They were abandoned simply because they were girls and not boys! As many of you know I have 2 girls and a boy myself, and even with autism, I don’t think of my daughter as burden in fact she’s a huge blessing. Each & every daughter is. I attended the first dinner & dance event in October 2013 in Wolverhampton. This was where I first signed up with delete blood cancer on the stem cell register too.

Having attended this fabulous event it really hit home for me, just how important charities like this are. What if Aaisha was born in India? What life would she have?
How different it would be for her?
It’s a charity that I am a firm supporter of as I truly believe every child should be given the chance to grow, learn and flourish. Unique home provides this care with no state funds, it relies solely on donations and it has done some amazing things for these little girls who are provided with a home, care, love & support.

On Saturday 24th January 2015 in Birmingham UK Friends of Unique Home will be hosting another dinner & dance with a great line up of artists and hosts.
Although the last event I attended I went on my own, this year I’ll be taking Aaisha & her siblings along too. She loves dancing and having experienced one of their events already I know it will be a amazing evening that Aaisha will throughly enjoy. An event where even if Aaisha has her moments I won’t feel judged, simply because of the wonderful aray of people attending. It’s a lovely family affair. So please do join on us… And also see how special events like this are for our family where Aaisha can be Aaisha.

Pam Malhi




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