As a parent of an autistic child I want and need acceptance for my child. I’m the only voice she has. All children on the autism spectrum are extremely special.
We are fortunate to have a vast array of organisation’s around the world who work extremely hard to promote autism acceptance. However, there are unfortunately some organisations who think it’s ok to label our children as having missing pieces! There is NOTHING missing about from my daughter. She is just the way God intended her to be. Can these organisation’s not see, they are actually doing more harm than good?
I’m a huge advocate of autism acceptance and will forever strive for acceptance for my child until my last breath.
Today I ask everyone to truly support autism acceptance and boycott organisation’s that belittle our autistic children & adults.
Autism is a life long disability. It will not simply just go away or be outgrown. What these children need is constant support and acceptance. Nobody asks to be born with autism. Ask any parent who’s living with autism how truly difficult this journey is? As a parent of an autistic child I personally will not tolerate organisation’s who fundamentally believe my child is any less than others. Organisations that go on to publicly state that my daughter has something MISSING, because she is autistic. I don’t normally advocate “naming and shaming” but today I am going to go on record and say,

Shame on you AUTISM SPEAKS.

Today there is a huge Twitter campaign to get the message out there that our children are not missing pieces.
You can read more about this on the link below. Please share your support today for autism acceptance & awareness.


Pam Malhi



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