Happy Birthday Aaisha!

19 years ago today I received one of life’s greatest gifts and I became a Mother. My first born literally took my breath away from the first moment I laid eyes on her. I truly had no idea about the journey we were about to undertake. All I Could see in that moment was my beautiful baby girl and the fact that she was mine.
I couldn’t have imagined the roller coaster of emotions I was yet to experience and how my life would completely change. It was no longer about me! God blessed me with my beautiful baby girl, Aaisha. There were times when I didn’t think we would see another birthday, times when I didn’t know how we would get through the day, there were days when I couldn’t find the answer. The simple truth is I didn’t even know the question.

With every passing year I see progress,
each year I see a change, each year I see how far we’ve come against the odds!
In the last 12 months I’ve shared my daughter with the world to help educate and raise awareness of autism.
The gift of a daughter is truly a very special one, but a gift as special as Aaisha is an extremely blessed one! She’s changed my whole life, my mindset and she changed me as a person. Today she turns 19, she has no idea what age is or how old she is, she is more excited about the pink Lego she’s been showing me for months! She’s brought so much joy in to my life, she’s taught me true compassion, she’s taught me what real love was, she taught me the true meaning of life! She’s given me more then I could ever give her..
Autism is a part of who she is but it’s not all she is. She’s funny, she’s full of affection, she’s beautiful, she’s pure, she’s an inspiration, she’s an amazing young woman.
There may be many dreams that will remain just dreams for her.
No doubt there will be many more soul searching moments, many more tears of laughter & heartbreak, many more difficult days and many more moments when I hate autism & the pain it’s caused us. The one fact that remains constant is that I am so very proud of her & no matter what tomorrow brings we will always hold her close, always guide her path, always fight her corner, always be her voice & always keep her safe and happy! I owe it to my amazing daughter to try and make a real difference to the world. That is the legacy we hope to leave. She has taught others to truly understand autism. She’s inspired many others to help raise awareness of autism, yet she doesn’t even understand how special she truly is!

Aaisha I’m so proud, blessed and humbled that God chose me to be your mother.
19!! Where did the years go? Baby, I wish you nothing but happiness. I wish that god gives me the ability to fulfil your every dream, meet your every need & always make the right choices for you. I wish you will always know how very much loved you are. I wish you will always know how special you are! Above all else, no matter how heartbreaking or hard at times our journey has been, I wish I get to be your mother in each lifetime I’m granted. I wouldn’t be without you, I wouldn’t ever be complete without you. Get ready to be spoilt, pampered & lots of pink Lego…

Happy Birthday Princess!! You are the true definition of unconditional love, you are the reason my heart beats, you are what makes me, me! I owe you & God for all that I am!! Your going to have an amazing day I promise!! May Waheguru always bless you and guide me on our journey together through life!! We will never let go of your hand, We will hold it forever we promise. Love you more then words could ever express!

All our love always & forever
Mummy, Aneesa & Cameron xXx

Pam Malhi



3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Aaisha!

  1. Words are not enough to describe mother & child relationship. Havn’t cried in ages! Happy 19th Birthday Aaisha & bug hugs to mummy & family! Stay blessed xo

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