Back to School

With the Summer holidays drawing to a close, back to school time is upon us. Getting her back in to a routine after a long break is always very difficult, but we get there in the end. The summer holidays have been a varied mixture, filled with both good & bad days. We didn’t go away this summer as Aaisha needed important immunisations. We were also waiting on the date for her post 18 education placement, as this is her final year at school, so planning for a holiday was impossible under the circumstances.

For the majority of parents, immunisations are relatively simple. You book an appointment and you go. For us, it’s a whole new challenge. It took us 6 weekly visits to finally get them done. Every week we went she refused to have them done due to her fear of needles. She can’t comprehend the reasons or the importance of immunisations. The nurses too were at a loss as to how we were going to get past this. As she is 18, if she says no, this has to be honoured. Despite the fact that she is not mentally capable of understanding that choice. As her legal guardian however, I do have the right to override her decisions. This is easier said than done when you have a screaming 18 year telling you come rain or shine she will not have the injection. If I personally pinned her down, I could potentially be accused of assaulting my child!
As the parent of an autistic child you have to very often think outside the box. Eventually, It took my niece, who’s she is very fond of, to fly down from Scotland and go with us. She managed to distract her whilst holding her hand and finally the nurse got the injections done!
What a relief I can’t explain how happy I was that day!

It’s the little things that most parents don’t need to think twice about, that we autistic parents have to plan like a military operation & hope and pray to god it works! As she gets older it becomes much more difficult. In the eyes of the law she’s an adult, yet realistically she is still a child. There are certain decisions she will never be able to make. Every decision, every choice is down to me that’s the realty of living with autism. I just hope I always make the right ones, in this journey of autism there are no day offs or wrong & right answers. You just have to have faith, hope & love that it’s going to be ok.

Pam Malhi

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