Community Support

Last week a new report for BAME (Black Asian & minority ethnic) communities was released by The National Autistic Society highlighting the need for more support & resources within these communities.
As a family living with Autism myself and my children went along to the House of Commons to reinforce and support the importance of this crucial report.
The report focuses on the need for crucial support to all those families living every day with Autism. A lot of research and time, looking at every area of Autism has gone into this report. Well done to all at the National Autistic Society for bringing those vital issue into the public forum at the House of Commons.

However I believe true changes will only happen when we stand up in our own communities & demand change. Changes in the resources, changes in funding, changes in policy but before any of this can be achieved, we need to have a change in attitude. For any change to have any chance of becoming a success we need our children to be accepted.
How can we change the mind set of others when our own refuse to address or accept that autism is a part of the community?
I can shout all I want but if others are not willing to do the same, nothing will change. Instead we will carry on hiding these issues and our children with autism will suffer. We can educate the coming generation into understanding how difficult it can be living with autism. We can start a chain of events that will help families not feel isolated in their own communities.

As you all know I’m trying to make a difference for every child with autism and not just my daughter. I’ve embraced autism and accepted that it’s a huge part of our life. I would truly like to see my community stand up and support families and children on the spectrum too. Our Gurdwara’s, our mosque’s, our mandir’s , our temples our community centres and most of all our people need to play a huge part in making this happen. Together we can truly make a difference to our children.

Pam Malhi

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