The Daily Battle

I’m fighting a daily battle between strength & love. The strength I need on this journey and the love I have for my daughter.
It’s the most emotional and challenging journey any parent will ever face. Ask yourself as a parent, if your child was hurting wouldn’t you want to do everything in your power to take away that hurt and pain? We as autistic parents have the same desire to fiercely protect our offspring but we have to accept the harsh reality that there is no cure for autism. I know this will be a part of my life for as long as I shall live but this will never stop me fighting.
If you could read my thoughts or experience my feelings, even just for one day, maybe then I could make you truly understand why raising awareness of autism is so vital.

-I can only ask you to imagine the thought of never having a conversation with child.
-Never truly knowing what they are thinking.
-Never knowing if they feel pain like you do.
-Never being able to tell you about their day.
-Never having dreams to fulfil.
-Never planning her big day.
-Never learning to drive.

These are only a few things. There is so much more I could ask you to imagine. As much as it breaks my heart to know this is the reality of our life, I still have hope, I still have faith in our journey. I still believe in miracles simply because I’ve been blessed with one. She has defined the odds against her. She has made progress no matter how slow it may be. She’s my first born and she will forever remain the unconditional love of my life.

Autism can destroy a person’s faith if you let it. It can take you to the brink. Through our journey together we have found strength. Through the tears & heartbreak we’ve had moments of sheer joy. The moment I’ll never forget when at 6 she called me “mum” for the first time ever, I got to hear my daughters voice. That moment will stay with me forever.

You see progress can be made, milestones can be reached. It’s a tough journey and by no means an easy one, but by embracing autism you can achieve so much. In this journey I’ve realised as the parent, I need more strength then she ever will. I need to fight her corner. I will be her ears & her voice. I will fight for awareness & acceptance of autism.
My daughter is no different to anybody else. Why shouldn’t she be apart of society? Why shouldn’t she have the same opportunities as everybody else? She may not always do well as others but she deserves the same chance as everybody else, doesn’t she?
Autism may be here to stay but a mother’s love for her child will never let anyone or anything steal her child from her. So you see autism will never take her from me, I won’t let it.
I just need you to understand our journey and help me raise the awareness of autism in our community.

Pam Malhi

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4 thoughts on “The Daily Battle

  1. I can truly feel the love dat ya’ve got fo ur daughter…Ma lil bro’s suffering 4m autism…n I’ll fight till I die 2 raise awareness about autism…I need 2 build a peaceful environment fo theses specially abled kids..n need ur guidance 2…I’ve opted fo psychology n doing in psychological dat I can through dis stdy..make world accept these beautiful kids …:)

  2. My dad always said she is a form of god as she cannot be jealous, greedy, evil, judgemental. She is innocent. He felt blessed he had her he promised us all never to let her go into care. And she is amazing, beautiful, our rock. Hard work tests , my mums patience but she has made us what we are today caring compassionate people. Proud to walk side to sued with her anywhere .

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