The Life changing Diagnosis

Autism is a diagnosis that is given to your child, but it never tells you how this diagnosis will truly affect your life. In reality your life is never the same again, you grieve for the dreams you once had for your child, while trying to adapt to this new way of life! You spend so many sleepless nights wondering where this will take you, where and how will you’ll cope? What does the future hold for your child? It literally takes over your life.

To many she looks so “normal” but then they don’t walk in my shoes. They don’t understand the world we live in. Sometimes it’s like a ticking time bomb and you can sense the meltdown & other times you have no idea it was coming. As a parent you don’t love your child any less in fact you love them more then you ever thought possible.

Autism is actually very cruel sometimes, when I look at my daughter sleeping peacefully, I hate autism as I know as soon as she’s awake it will be there, it never gives you time out or a day off! It’s a constant battle. The dreams and hopes you had are all gone. Autism is now your journey.

As hard as it gets or as emotionally drained I may feel, I’ll never let it win. It will never totally take over our life’s. I will do all that I can to assure my daughter is happy and healthy. It may not always be easy. In fact far from it, but she will make progress, she will define the odds against her. She will have a chance to do things every other parent takes for granted with their child. I will make sure of that.

While every other parent is wondering where their 18 year old daughter/son is? Who are they with? What time will they come home?
I wonder if she’ll ever brush her teeth on her own? will she ever learn to tie her shoe laces? will she ever tell me what she wants for dinner! In my world that would be amazing.

Autism is huge spectrum and no two autistic people are ever the same.
Autism is more common then cancer!! 1 in every 88 children are diagnosed with autism. Yet we as a community have so little understanding of it. This really upsets me, as a parent with a autistic child, just to know you understand would make a huge difference. We autistic parents don’t need pity! We need more awareness, more acceptance and more understanding within the community.

I’m 18years into my journey of autism and I’ll still be here holding her hand, guiding her way, fighting her corner and helping her in another 18years too! But if I can make a difference to even one other parent in my position then I’ve made a small change to someone’s life.

Don’t be afraid to talk about autism, try and understand it, learn more about it.

Let’s all raise the awareness that is needed!! Together we all can make a difference.


Pam Malhi

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