Unconditional Love

My daughter is the most precious thing in my life, I could literally burst in to tears just by looking at her. She’s the reason my heart beats, she’s the reason I find strength I didn’t know I had. She’s my first born, autism may have denied me the dreams I had for her, it may have turned my world upside down, it may have broken me many times and made me cry myself to sleep, but it will never ever take my love away, it can never steal my joy, my hope or my faith. We have a bond of unconditional love that autism will never touch.

We will carry on making progress, we will carry on fighting for awareness, we will carry on through the tears. You see we’ve accepted autism will be apart of our lives forever but our unconditional love will forever out ride autism.

I will challenge society, I will make change, I will make a difference and you know why…. Cause my daughter is gift that’s to be shared with the world! Her and every other child with autism deserves this.

Love conquers all and with autism all you need is hope, love & faith.

Pam Malhi

20140312-095808 pm.jpg


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