Time To Make A Difference

On Thursday 6th March me and my daughter, Aaisha were interviewed on the Sikh Channel to raise awareness for autism. Autism is something that is fairly misunderstand especially within the Asian community. It’s often classed as a mental health issue when in fact it’s a development disorder. The spectrum is huge and not everyone is the same on the spectrum.

Autistic children are often left behind in our society as they often can’t always understand the world around us. They have difficulty in understanding the needs or wants of others. They have difficulty in expressing their own needs and wants. Some don’t have the social skills and the verbal communication needed.
Does that mean we should reject these children simply because they can’t do the things we do or not include them in society? These special children have every right to be made apart of society and not rejected by us. It’s up to us to help these children excel and give them a better understanding and quality of life.
Every child is a blessing, every child deserves the same treatment as other children. We’re so quick to judge others when actually we have no right to do so. If we don’t look after our own then who will?
Children with autism are the most loving and affectionate children you will ever meet. They don’t know how to hate, lie or make fun of others. So why do we as a society think it’s ok to do it to them?
What if it was your child or your loved one? how would you feel then?
1 in every 88 children are diagnosed with autism so how can we think it won’t affect someone we know or care about? Autism is life time disability.

Raising the awareness of autism and making others understand it is a must especially within the Asian community. We owe it to these children and their loved ones to embrace and accept them just the same as every one else.

We all need to stop being judgemental against things we don’t fully understand. It’s time to make a difference to help others, offer support and do what we can to help these children and their loved ones. Autism may never be important to you until you experience it but let’s all develop an understanding so we can make a difference. So we can include these children and their families. So they don’t feel alone.

As a parent of an autistic child I ask you this…
– Why shouldn’t my child be a part of society?
– Why shouldn’t my child be given the same rights as everybody else?
– Why is my child rejected by society because she has a disability?
– What gives you the right to judge my child?

Imagine having to fight for your child every day a battle that not even your child understands. This is the life of an autistic parent. So you see that last thing we need is pity. We need you to help us raise the awareness and understanding of autism. So we too feel apart of society.

It’s up to us all to make a difference and it’s time to make difference.

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